Gail is a find.  She is a master of movement, observation and integration.  She helps her students to develop inner strength and provides the ground for them to progress in their intentions.  Gail relies on 25+ years of somatic study and practice.

Certified Laban Movement Analyst® (CMA) 1989

Gail began studying this work while attending St Olaf College with professor Susan Bauer.  In her teens, Gail was fortunate to take a seminar from Irmgaard Bartenieff.   That experience has influenced her continued study.  A CMA is an international post baccalaureate degree given by the Laban-Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies.  Laban Movement Analysis is a complex movement theory, observation and practice.  Bartenieff Fundamentalssm is a hands-on method of Somatic Education that relies on the innate power of developmental movement.  Gail studied this work in Germany, New York City and Seattle.  Gail was fortunate to study with Warren Lamb, Rudolph Laban’s assistant.  For eight years, Gail and Warren met twice yearly in a mentoring setting around Warren’s groundbreaking work Movement Pattern Analysis.  Gail was fortunate to assist Warren in two additional week-long seminars before the end of his life.  The Laban Movement system informs all of Gail’s teaching, giving her a keen eye and a precise language for movement.

Certified Master Pilates Instructor (CPI) 1993

Gail trained with Jane Erskine.  She went on to develop her work with the students and dancers of Pacific Northwest Ballet and actors of Seattle Repertory Theater and ACT theater.  As her unique approach to movement expanded, she became known as someone who could provide relief, hope and progress for individuals recovering from collisions, concussion, stroke and trauma.  Gail taught observation, analysis and experiential anatomy in two national Pilates training programs.  For five years, Gail taught a 300 hour continuing education program for Somatic practitioners certifying many practitioners in North America.  Gail continues to be a teacher of teachers, offering workshops and seminars yearly.

Certified Tellington Touch® Practitioner 2003

Gail trained in British Columbia, Canada with Robyn Hood.  She continued her study by exploring Connected Riding, Acupressure for Animals and workshops with Temple Grandin.  Gail has worked with companion animals, farm animals and some exotics (elephants, large cats).  Gail has led workshops and seminars for humane societies, animal rescue organizations, agility groups, and conformation competitors.  Gail applies this body of knowledge with human clients who need relief from stress, anxiety or hands-on awareness of movement itself.  Tellington Touch is a hands-on and movement method that addresses the nervous system to reduce stress and enhance the ability to learn.

Meditation 2003

In 1985, Gail began her own practice and study when pursuing dance in Asia.  She then explored meditation through Hatha Yoga practice.  Gail’s background in choreography and movement taught her how body, meditation and movement are inseparable.  She began a formal Buddhist meditation practice with Thupten Chodron and attended teachings with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  Gail’s study deepened with Ani Tenzin Kacho and Geshe Geyltson.  By good fortune, she studied with Ken McLeod and after fifteen years of study and practice, Gail received authorization as a meditation teacher in 2003.  Gail’s teaching draws upon all that she knows in movement and meditation.


Gail worked for 25 years as a professional modern dancer, performer and teacher.  She was fortunate to study & perform with some extremely gifted choreographers, directors & teachers including:  Hanya Holm, Nina Weiner, Valda Setterfield, Pina Bausch, Merredith Monk, Simone Forti, Dana Reitz, Robert Wilson.  Additionally she performed and toured internationally as a principal dancer with Yen Lu Wong.  Gail continued her performing career with choreographers in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, NYC and Seattle.  In 1988 she met choreographer Jeff Bickford and went on to train and perform with his gifted company of dancers for 18 years.  Gail has taught professional Dance Technique, Laban Movement Analysis, Stage Presence, Experiential Anatomy and Injury Prevention at WA Academy of the Performing Arts, Grinnell College, Hamilton College, Pacific Lutheran University, Loyola Marymount, UC Riverside, Colorado College and other independent studios/schools.  Modern dance unites sensation, proprioception and energy to create the dynamism of balance with body, mind, partner and audience.

Qi Gong/Tai Chi

Gail has enjoyed her most recent 8 years studying various forms of Qi Gong and Chen Tai Chi. Her most inspiring teachers are Mei Juan Luo, China & Rob Hoffman, USA.

Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist (RSME, RSMT)

The International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association assures professional & legal high standards for somatic practitioners.