Gail is a master teacher.  She relies upon an extensive lineage of post graduate: Bartenieff Fundamentals; Laban Movement Analysis; Pilates for Elite Athletes, Dancers & Rehabilitation, Tellington Touch, Warren Lamb’s MPA, Body-Mind Centering, Contemporary Modern Dance, Performance Technique and Meditation. Read more about Gail here

Private Sessions with Gailronde de jambe 

Gail analyzes your movement while bringing your attention to your mind and body integration.  Each session is unique to your current concerns and comprehensive intention.  Gail uses touch, verbal instruction and focusing techniques to enhance your movement competency.  A session will actively use: awareness and movement, your own body weight, and the dynamic spring resistance IMG_0919of the Pilates equipment.

Each session is 45 minutes in length. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for all private sessions.  Please Contact Gail to schedule these sessions 

Prices 2019:  Pkg 6 $480/Student Pkg 6 $450
Single Session $95


Duet Sessions

Duets are a fun way to stay focused on your health, while enjoying social camaraderie. Each individual of the duet needs to have completed 6 private sessions in order to be able to work semi-independently.  Here are the details.  You know your program and can work semi-independent. You share the session with another person.  Gail gives individual corrections and new exercises as needed. The session cost is split between both people.

**If one of the duet needs to cancel the session due to illness, then the remaining person has the option of paying extra for a private session, jumping into a different duet session, or forfeiting the session.  If one of the duet cancels last minute, then the 24 hour cancellation policy stands and the remaining person gets a private session for the price of a duet session!

Duet Package of 6 $250 (each person)

Tellington Touch®


Tellington Touch/TTouch® is a somatic hands-on & movement method for animals & their companions.  It was originally inspired by the Feldenkrais Method of Functional Integration.  It is known for its ability to reduce anxiety, tension, stress, calming the nervous system so that the animal and owner can learn.  Although it is used for therapeutic means, it is not actually a therapy system, but rather an educational system based in calming, easing and gently guiding the client through non-habitual touch & movement to address the situation that is presented.  Gail has been using this method with companion animals since 2001.  Please Contact Gail to schedule these sessions


Gail is an authorized Buddhist teacher with over 20 years of meditation practice, study and training.  She and her partner Jeff have been leading group meditation classes, movement-meditation retreats and private meditation consultations since 2000.  If you are interested in meditation, please visit their meditation focused website:  Mahakala Radio

Also Contact Gail to discuss your interests.