‘I have had the good fortune to work with Gail two times a week for the past five years.  I have had numerous orthopedic surgeries and have struggled with chronic pain for many years.  Slowly but surely I have increased my core strength, joint range of motion, and movement abilities.  I find Gail to have a unique perspective and a keen eye towards imbalances in the body.  She provides gentle corrections and continuous enthusiasm with her clients.  She respects the limits of their bodies, but slowly and gently tries to expand them without ever putting the client at risk for injury.  Her sensibilities honed by her background in modern dance, Laban movement Pilates, Yoga and mediation awareness give her unique abilities to work with a wide range of people (from Olympic skaters to elderly clients) and to think outside the box to meet the individual’s needs.  I cannot recommend Gail highly enough.  God willing I will be able to work with her for many years.’
~ Dr. LB, cardiologist

“With a gentle yet challenging technique, good humor, and an uncanny eye for how moving bodies want to work, Gail helped me to learn more about my body and handed me the tools I needed to untie the knot of chronic pain.”
~ ED, Bicycle-Auto Collision Recovery

‘I learned about my posture imbalances, where I store stress in my body and exercises to counteract the effects, so my body works more efficiently without pain, improving my range of motion. I have more energy and core strength, my posture and balance has improved and I enjoy the compliments I get about my beautiful improved body.’
~ DB, Architect

‘The first thing I noticed about Gail was that she was a crazily balanced person. Even just the way she spoke, used her hands and feet as she moved around the room, was graceful and controlled. She looked like not only a trained dancer, but someone who has spent her whole dedicated to controlling herself. Truly it was incredible, listening to her speak and demonstrate things was eye-opening, I’ve never seen someone with that kind of grace and control over every part of their body’
~ Workshop Participant

‘In the long run, the best teachers and guides recognize that it is not their job to change the person, but only to help the person decide where and how much change they want to make, and to help make it safe for them to do so, no matter how tiny that change may appear to anyone else.  Gail, is that kind of a teacher. I will always value what I received from her through the movement’ 
~ GJ, Retail Designer